"Airplane Friend" EW-07

"Airplane Friend" EW-07

SKU: 714983219433

SKU: 714983219433


The EW-07 is a powerful scooter that can reach a top speed of 12 mph, travel 17 miles on a single charge and carry a rider up to 325 lbs.  


The best part about this powerful scooter is that it’s lightweight and portable which means taking it anywhere is as easy as it is to fold...and when we say anywhere we mean trunks, SUVs and AIRPLANES.


YES, the EW-07 is airline approved! 


This scooter has everything you will need for a comfortable ride, including a large padded seat with:

*a backrest,

*cruise control,

*3-speed settings,

* a forward/reverse switch along

*with front and rear disc brakes that make stopping easier on wet surfaces and declines.


Weight Capacity 

325 Lbs


Top Speed

12 mph


Estimated Range

17 miles


Speed Settings

Three (3 mph, 5mph, 12mph)


Front LED Light


Turning Radius



Ground Clearance

6” Front, 3” Rear


Overall Dimensions

41.5”x 24” x 19” (LxWxH)


Seat Dimensions

Width 17” x 11”


Seat Type

Designer Padded Seat with Foldable Back


EWheels Carry Bag


Seat-to-Deck Height Range

15”, 16”, 17”, 18”


Tiller-to-Deck Height Range 

28” - 36”


Battery Size

36V, 8 amp hr 288watt Li-Ion Rechargeable


Battery Charger 

Off board Input Voltage: AC100V-240V, 2A


Battery Charging Time

1 hour (4 for initial charge)


Battery Certification 

UN. PT III 3803 for airline travel



Front and Rear Suspension



Front and Rear Disc Brakes


Front Tire 

2” x 8” Solid


Rear Tires

1.75” x 8” Solid



Front Wheel Drive


Base Weight 

67 lbs


Body Color



Frame Material

Steel & Aluminum



1-Year limited on Electronics and Drivetrain

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